DC Conversion is a mandatory legal process under Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act.

Land Use Conversion in Bangalore

The Karnataka government considers all the land present in the state to be fit for agricultural purposes only. In case any piece of land is required to be used for any kind of non-agricultural purpose such as commercial, residential or industrial use, then that piece of land must be “converted” to be used for non-agricultural purposes. Land Use Conversion is, therefore, the process of converting any piece of land meant for agricultural use in Karnataka for non-agricultural purpose.

DC Conversion in Bangalore

Land Use Conversion is generally known as DC Conversion in which DC stands for Deputy Commissioner. In the process of DC Conversion in Bangalore, a property owner needs to apply to the Deputy Commissioner of a District in order to seek his/her permission for the change of the use of the land from agricultural use to non-agricultural use. DC Conversion Land in Bangalore requires you to submit a few documents, obtain an application form and also fill it up and submit it with the prescribed fee. Once this payment is confirmed, the Deputy Commissioner issues the Conversion Order. There are also several conditions laid down as a result of this conversion order.

The authorization to use a piece of land for purposes other than agriculture is issued solely by the Deputy Commissioner of a district, although in some cases, a Tahsildar can also issue the authorization.

The responsibility for the development of the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) lies with the State Town Planning Authority. CDP is also commonly referred to as the Master Plan. This plan spans a relatively wide geographical area in addition to indicating the particular regions in the state of Karnataka intended for the conversion from agricultural use to commercial or residential applications over a long-term period. However, before this conversion can happen, the Deputy Commissioner will verify if the land sought by the owner is, indeed, scheduled for a non-agricultural purpose according to the CDP. The conversion happens only in the case it is verified to be meant for non-agricultural use.

What Are the Consequences If a Structure Is Constructed on a Piece of Land That Is Not Authorized for DC Conversion?

It is not a good idea to construct any kind of structure such as a building on a piece of land that is not authorized for DC Conversion. The reason is simple and straightforward. These properties, in that case, will not be able to receive an “A Khatha Certificate” from the BBMP, which is the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike. In that case, these properties will be registered only under the “B Khatha Register” which is known as the “B Khatha Certificate.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of DC Conversion Land in Bangalore

There are countless advantages to getting your land in Bangalore DC Converted. For one, there have been countless concessions that have been made by the government on some properties where they have allowed them to convert their land with some conditions. These concessions have been brought on by the government because of the prevalent issue of unauthorized constructions. According to the rule at present, one can get a certain land DC converted in case the percentage of deviation in the illegal structures lies within the limits that have been fixed by the authorities.

The disadvantage of not getting your land DC converted is that you will not be able to get any loans on it. Also, any structure that you build on such land is at the risk of being demolished by authorities without any prior notice. You will even not get any trade license or building license if you do not get your land DC converted.

Procedure to Obtain DC Approval for an Agriculture Land in Bangalore

You need a list of documents in order to get DC approval for agricultural land in Bangalore. As already stated above, the owner of the property must apply to the Deputy Commissioner of the district in order to seek to get the land DC converted. Certain documents must be filed with it in addition to a filing fee. Once the documents are verified, and the fee is received, the DC approves the land conversion application.

You can quickly get your DC Conversion approved certificate after that.