Our home is often the foundation of our future aspirations, the treasury of fond memories. According to Hindu mythology, Vaastu shastra is the science of architecture that aligns the practical aspects of house construction to the metaphysical aspects. To secure our houses and our futures, if it means going an extra mile to check with the Vaastu of the house is ideal or not, there shouldn’t be any harm in it.

What is Vaastu? Why should we follow it?

Vaastu Shastra or the Hindu cosmic science of architecture may be traced back to the days of ArthVeda which symbolized ancient knowledge about the art of construction of houses, buildings, cities, temples etc. It includes principles of design that incorporate the elements of architecture with the natural elements of space and form in an ideal blend. Believers of Hindu mythology often subscribe to a line of thought which states that every event in our line is preordained and is the culmination of the alignment of the five elements of the universe; fire, earth, water, air and the sky. When it comes to auspices related to home construction, one needs the ideal alignment of all the elements to ensure the well-being of the house and its residents. Vaastu Shastra embodies the principles and layouts which can help the homeowners achieve the desired alignment.

Accordingly, there are different attitudes towards Vaastu Shastra. While some believe that Vaastu is steeped in ancient scientific knowledge, others have deemed it archaic and superstitious.

One often questions the necessity of Vastu shastra? Whether there is enough evidence of it bringing prosperity and protection to the lives of the inhabitants of a particular house. Each corner of a house is believed to be dominated by each of the five elements of the universe. Vedic literature attests that the right balance between these elements are necessary to ensure peace and prosperity prevails. Vastu principles provide guidelines about facilitating the perfect balance between these elements by adapting the designs and layouts to these principles. Given that it blends aesthetic elements as well, there is no harm in including the principles to make your homes Vastu insured. Of course, a word of caution here. Only authentic and trusted vastu principles must be followed to reap the benefits and at no points should the practical needs and expectations from your house be compromised just to accommodate the Vastu guidelines.